Fazil (Honors) Pass Admission Circular

Fazil (Honors) Pass Admission Circular 2023

Fazil (Honors) pass admission circular 2023 has been officially out on 24/08/2023. Islamic Arabic University has published the Fazil (Honors) pass 1st-year admission circular on its circular. Fazil (Honors) pass is mainly a three-year course, and it is equivalent to the degree Degree Pass & Certificate

Course offered by the University. However, thousands of students in this country want to get admitted to the Fazil honors pass course under the Islamic Arabic University Bangladesh. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.

Here the details of Fazil (Honors) pass 1st-year admission 2022-23 will be described properly. Just focus on the following information patiently.

Fazil (Honors) Pass Admission Circular 2023

Islamic Arabic University published the Fazil (Honors) Pass admission circular on 24/08/2022. To get admitted to this course, students must maintain some formalities, and here I am going to share all the important, relevant information they should know as an applicant for this course.

Fazil (Honors) Pass Admission Circular 2022
Fazil (Honors) Pass Admission Circular 2022

Students who have passed Alim or equivalent courses in 2020/2021 will be able to apply for this course. 

Fazil Pass Admission Key Information

Admission without a late fee 29/08/2022 to 10/10/2022
Last date for submission of the fee collected through Payslip for admitted students without late fee 11/10/2022 to 12/10/2022
Admission with a late fee 11/10/2022 to 01/11/2022
Last date for submission of fees collected through Payslip for admitted students with late fee 02/11/2022
Online Registration  26/11/2022 to 03/11/2022

Fazil Pass Admission Registration Fee

without late fee
Class Application Form Fee  Admission Fee Registration Fee Spots Fee Rover Scout Fee  Education break fee
Fazil Honors pass 50/- 250/- 250/- 50/- 25/- 150/-
with late fee
Fazil Honors pass 50/- 400/- 350/- 50/- 25/- 150/-

Fee Submission Process

  • First Step: Visit iau.edu.bd/payment.
  • Second Step: Provide EIIN and password and log in.
  • Third Step: Click on Admission and Registration and fill up all the fields and click on Save
  • Fourth Step: Download the payment and submit a fee to the bank
  • To get more information, just visit the site.

I hope this article will be enough for the students. If you need the Fazil (Honors) PDF to pass the course, just Click Here.

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