National University Bangladesh Programs & Courses

NU Programs & Courses (National University Bangladesh Programs & Courses)

National University Bangladesh is the third-largest university globally in terms of student enrollment, and since its inception in this country, the university has been playing many roles. National University Bangladesh is a public and off-campus university with around 2300+ affiliated colleges that have played a leading role in solving all education problems.

By the way, National University Bangladesh introduced its sail during a miserable condition in Bangladesh when citizens of this country were suffering from quality education. Even secondary education was also a challenge for the government. To get rid of that position, the role of the National University Bangladesh was unparalleled and memorable.

Nowadays, National University has come up with new and much-needed programs and courses for the students, and in this article, we will be aware of all these topics.

National University NU Programs & Courses

National University Bangladesh is working with six programs to improve the education sector and make it available like Honors, Degree, Preli to Masters, Masters, Professional, and On-Campus programs. More than 2 million students in this country are involved directly and indirectly with the National University and continue their studies in different disciplines.

As it is a popular and populous university in this country, most students wish to get admitted to the University, especially NU-affiliated colleges. It is very urgent for the students who want to get admitted to the programs and courses offered by the National University of Bangladesh.

NU Honors Programs & Courses

Bachelor (Honors) or Honors is a four-year course, and National University Bangladesh offers a number of Bachelor (Honors) courses for the students. As there are few public universities in Bangladesh and there are no available seats for the students, National University has taken initiatives to meet the growing demands of the students to study in the Bachelor (Honors) program.

Presently, the National University offers high Bachelor (Honors) courses to students, and right now, millions of students are taking graduate courses from the National University Bangladesh.

Faculty Department Faculty Department
Faculty of Arts

Arabic Faculty of Science Mathematics
Bangla Statistics
English Faculty of Social Science Law
Pali Economics
Sanskrit Political Science
History Sociology
Islamic History & Culture Social Work
Islamic Studies Anthropology 

Faculty of Business Studies   Aviation Management Public Administration
Library Management Home Economics
Accounting Information Science and Library Management
Finance & Banking Faculty of Life & Earth Science Psychology 
Management Studies Zoology
Marketing Geography & Environment Studies
Tourism and Hospitality Management Botany
Faculty of Science Computer Science

NU Degree Pass Programs & Courses

There are six courses in Degree Pass provided by the National University Bangladesh. All the courses are accumulated below for your convenience. After completing the HSC program, students can get admitted to the Degree pass and certificate course. It is a three-year course, and after completing the course, students have to complete the one-year Preli to Masters course (Previous Masters).

  1. Bachelor of Arts
  2. Bachelor of Science
  3. Bachelor of Music
  4. Bachelor of Social Science
  5. Bachelor of Business Studies
  6. Bachelor of Sports
  7. Specialized Home Economics

NU Masters Programs & Courses

Masters is the highest program in our country, and it is a completed program. After three or four years of honors courses, any student is eligible for the Musters program. In the master’s program, there are a number of courses, and students can take any of the courses they wish.

Faculty Programs Faculty Programs
Master of Arts (MA) Bangla Master of Science (MSc)

English Zoology
Arabic Soil Science
Sanskrit Statistics
Pali Mathematics
History Geography and Environment
 Islamic History & Culture Psychology
Islamic Studies Home Economics
 Library and Information Science Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Philosophy Finance
Master of Social Sciences (MSS) Political Science Accounting
Sociology Management
Social Work Master of Music (M. Music)

Folk Music 
Economics Classical Music
Master of Science (MSc) Physics Nazrul Sangeet
Chemistry Rabindra Sangeet

NU Professional Program Courses

National University Bangladesh also offers some professional courses to the students. These professional courses have an unprecedented demand in the present century. As usual, the professional courses are for one or two-year duration, and all these courses are so professional and make the students skilled and good at a certain sector. All the following courses are under the professional program.

  1. BSc (Hons) In Aeronautical & Aviation Science & Engineering
  2. BBA (Hons) In Aviation Management
  3. BSc (Hons) In Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program (AMT)
  4. BSc (Hons) In Knitwear Manufacture & Technology (KMT)
  5. BSc (Hons) In Fashion Design & Technology (FDT)
  6. Bachelor Of Business Administration
  7. Bachelor of Education
  8. Bachelor of Education (Hons)/ Master of Education (MED)
  9. Bachelor of Fine Arts
  10. Bachelor Of Physical Education
  11. Bachelor/ Masters of Special Education (BPEd/MPED)
  12. BSc (Hons) In Computer Science & Engineering
  13. BSc (Hons) In Electronics & Communication Engineering
  14. Post Graduate Diploma In Journalism
  15. Preliminary to Bachelor Of Law (LLB Part 1)
  16. Bachelor Of Law (LB Final)
  17. Diploma In Library & Information Science
  18. Masters of Applied Criminology & Police Management
  19. Master Of Business Administration
  20. Postgraduate Diploma In Photography]
  21. BBA (Hons) In Tourism & Hospitality Management
  22. Theatre & Media Studies

NU Preliminary To Masters Programs & Courses

A Preliminary To the Masters program is available at the National University Bangladesh, and thousands of students around the country take these programs as they wish. After a three-year honors course, a Preliminary To Masters program is needed. About all the courses are available in this program.

Faculty Departments Faculty Departments
Preliminary to Master of Arts (MA) Bangla

Preliminary to Master of Science (MSc)

English Zoology
Arabic Soil Science
Sanskrit Statistics
Pali Mathematics
History Geography and Environment
Islamic History & Culture Psychology
Islamic Studies Home Economics
Library and Information Science Preliminary to Master of Business Studies (MBS)


Philosophy  Finance & Banking
Preliminary to Master of Social Science
Political Science  Accounting
Sociology  Management
Social Work Preliminary to Master of Music (M.Mus) Folk Music


Economics  Classical Music
Preliminary to Master of Science (MSc) Physics Nazrul Sangeet
Chemistry  Rabindra Sangeet

NU On-Campus Programs

National University also offers some highly professional on-campus programs. If one wants to be more professional and skilled and desires to complete these courses, all these courses are now available at National University Bangladesh. The available programs are,

  • Post Graduate Diploma In Library & Information Science (LIS: Batch- 1)
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Library & Information Science (LIS: Batch From- 2)
  • Advanced MBA
  • MAS: Masters In Advance Studies
  • Master of Philosophy M.Phil
  • Doctor In Philosophy PhD

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