NU BBA Honours (Professionals) Exam Routine

NU BBA (Professional) Exam Routine 2022 is available here. BBA (Professional) program is one of the high valued degrees and so there are many learners who have been taking this course from many institutions. National University also offers this program and recently NU has been taken some exams of the BBA (Professional) and already published BBA (Professional) exam routine.

If you are a student of any of the BBA (Professional) degrees then you will get here the recently published exam circular and also get detailed information about the exam routine and also the PDF file. So keep reading and collect the information you need.

BBA (Professional) Exam Routine 2022

Here you will get all the trending BBA (Professional) exam routine 2022. Read and find what BBA (Professional) exam routine circular is for you. You will also get the exam center lists from this article below. So read this article and note down the information you need. For more information visit

BBA (Professional) 3rd Year 6th Semester Exam Routine 

Are you a student of the BBA (Professional) 3rd Year 6th Semester? If yes, then here is the exam routine for you. National University published the exam routine on 28/07/2022. The exam will continue from 24/08/2022 to 03/09/2022.

BBA (Professional) 3rd Year 6th Semester Exam Center List 2022

Here is the BBA (Professional) 3rd Year 6th Semester exam center list 2022. If you are an examinee then this information is very important for you.

N.B. The exam center list hasn’t been published yet…

BBA (Professional) 4th Year 8th Semester Exam Routine 

BBA (Professional) 4th year 8th-semester exam routine-2020 is available here. If you are an examinee of this course then this article is for you. The exam of this course will be held at 02:00 PM from 25/08/2022 to 04/09/2022. In the following image, you will get your overall information.

BBA (Professional) 1st Year 1st Semester Exam Routine 2022

BBA (Professional) 1st Year 1st Semester (According to the New & Old Syllabus) exam routine 2021 is available here. National University has published the circular on 22/11/2021. There is a total of 10 subjects in this course and the exam will be held for 5 days from 12/12/2021 to 26/12/2021 at 09:00 am and 03:00 pm. 

BBA (Professional) Exam Routine

BBA (Professional) 2nd Year 3rd Semester Exam Routine 2021

Here is the BBA (Professional) 2nd Year 3rd Semester (According to the New & Old Syllabus) exam routie-2020. If you are one of the student of this program then here are the details for you. The exam will continue from 13/12/2021 to 27/12/2021 for 5 days. Focus your eye below and get the subject code, date and day and other important information.

BBA (Professional) Exam Routine

BBA (Professional) Exam Center Lists 2021

BBA (Professional) exam center lists 2021 is also be uploaded here for your betterment. From the followings, you will get where your exam going to be held and where you have to sit for exam. So the following article is very important for you. BBA (Professional) Exam Center ListBBA Honours (Professionals) Exam Center Lists 2021-page-002

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