Tourism & Hospitality Management Exam Result

NU THM Exam Result 2023: Tourism & Hospitality Management Exam Result

NU THM exam result 2023: Tourism & Hospitality Management has already been published. National University on 14/11/2023 published a notice informing the BCS (Hons) THM exam result of 1st-year 1st semester 2022.

If you examine any of these THM programs, your exam routine is here. Just follow the instructions below and get your result easily without any hassle.

BSC (Hons) In THM Exam Result 2023

National University published the THM exam result of THM 1st-year 1st-semester exam result 2023 Here you will get,

  • THM 1st-year 1st-semester Exam result 2023

THM Exam Result 

THM Exam Result 2023

Most of the students ask us how to get the THM exam result. That’s why I am here to show the THM exam result getting process.

  • Visit
  • Then click on the “+” sign beside the Professional option
  • Then click on the THM option.
  • Finally, select the Exam Semester to provide Registration No and Exam Year.
  • Then click on the Search Result.

THM Exam result

That’s all about the THM exam result or Tourism & Hospitality Management exam result 2023. If you need more information, then leave a comment below.

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