NU Masters (Professional) Admission

NU Masters (Professional) Admission 2023 (Release Slip Online Application )

National University has already published the circular regarding the online application on the release slip for master (Professional) admission 2023. N.U. Has published the circular on 29/10/2023 on the NU’s website.

In the 2023-24 academic year, the online application of the release slip in the admission process for the Master’s Program Admissions to the LLB 1st year (2023-24), Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (2023-24), Post Graduate Diploma in Library & Information Science (2023-24), MSC In Computer Science & Engineering (2023-24), Master Of Business Administration (2023-24), MBA In Apearal Merchandising (2022-23) courses will run from 23 November 2023 to 2 January 2023. To get details, keep reading.

Online Application on Release Slip For Masters (Professional) Admission 2023

National University has announced a notice regarding the online application of the release slip in the admission process of the Master’s (Professional) program on 28/10/2023. The application last date is 12 November 2023. All the information will available on

Eligibility For Online Application

Students must possess some requirements for Master’s (Professional) courses. Three categories of students will apply here with the release slip.

  1. Those who haven’t got a chance at the merit list
  2. Those who got the opportunity but were not admitted
  3. Those who have canceled admission after admission

N.B.: Candidates whose initial application has not been confirmed by the college will not be able to apply

Masters (Professional) Online Application Process with Release Slip

  1. First visit Then go to the Applicant Login. Then click on Masters (Prof.) Login

NU Masters (Professional) Admission


  1. Then provide Applicant Roll No and Pin Number, then click on the Login option.

  1. Then visit the College Section Option and select colleges (Three Colleges).
  2. Then click on Submit option, and you will see a site with detailed applications form and download and print it on A4 (8.5″x11″) offset white paper.
  3. This form does not have to be submitted to the applied colleges, or any fee must be paid.

NU Masters (Professional) Admission 2023 (Release Slip Online Application )

If you need more information on the hits circular are requested to leave a comment below. I will reply as soon as possible giving your answer. Thank you.

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