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NU Exam Result Review Application 2023 (All Exam) | Exam Result Re Scrutiny Process

Exam result review or exam result reexamine a very important matter. Most students whose exam results seem worse want to get their exam results reviewed or re-examined after publishing the exam result. After publishing the exam result, National University publishes a notice informing the students who did badly in the exam to apply for re-examining their exam result.

But here, the meter is the process. How can we apply for the exam result review? This is why I am here to make you clear and describe an easy way for all. So, not to waste time, let’s get started and read the article from top to bottom to get detailed information.

Application For Exam Result Review 2023

Do you want to apply for an exam result re-scrutiny to improve your exam result? If yes, then you are at the right place. You will be able to get the overall direction of what you should do if you want to apply to re-examine your exam result.

Here is the detailed information about the Degree Pass & Certificate Course 1st year exam result re scrutiny. To apply for the Degree 1st-year exam result re scrutiny follow the following steps.

NU Exam Result Review Application 2022 (All Exam)
NU Exam Result Review Application 2022 (All Exam)

N.B: For all the exam re-scrutiny, this process will be followed. So you can follow the steps for any course. I hope, following this process, you will be able to complete your application perfectly.
Available Exam Result Re Scrutiny: 

  • Degree Pass & Certificate Course Exam re-scrutiny for 2nd year
  • BBA (Professional) Exam re-scrutiny for 2nd-year 3rd semester
  • Honors 4th Year Exam Result Re Scrutiny

Payslip Download & Fee Submit Process

For exam result re-scrutiny, you must download the payslip and submit the money. First, you have to download and submit the Payslip to complete the online application. You have to complete all your activities online, and you need to visit a website.

  • Visit the NU Home site and visit the Sevice Menu. From the Service Menu, click on Sonali Sheba. Then you will come to a site and choose the Student Fee option and Re Scrutiny Fee. Provide Exam Roll and Registration No. Then fill up the application form and download the Payslip. ➡ Service Menu ➡ Sonali Sheba ➡ Student Fee ➡ Re Scrutiny Fee 

  • Or easily visit103.113.200.36/PAMS/ICTUnit/Re_scrutiny.aspx, and provide your Exam Name and Registration No.
  • Then you will get an Application Form.
  • Please fill it out and download the Payslip. Pay the fixed fee through any Sonali bank branch.
  • You may also pay the fee using the Sonali Bank Online payment gateway. You can transfer money from any card or account.
  • You have to complete all these activities in due time; otherwise, the application won’t be granted.
  • With the fee submission, the process will be accomplished.

That’s all for you. I hope all this information will be enough for you. If you need more information or any help, you may comment below. Thanks for reading the whole article from top to bottom.

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