NU BFA (Pass) Degree Exam Routine

NU BFA (Pass) Degree Exam Routine 2023

NU BFA (Pass) Degree exam routine 2023 has been officially announced. The notice was published on 30/04/2023 by the National University. National University informs all about the BFA (Pass) Degree Part -1, Part- 2, Part- 3 exam routines.

Here I have gathered all the information in detail. If you are a student in any of these parts, this article is for you. For detailed visit

NU BFA (Pass) Degree Exam Routine Of 2022 Session

National University has finally published the BFA (Pass) Degree exam routine. The exam routine has three parts:s Part-1, Part- 2, and Part – 3. The exam will be held at 01:30 pm. Focus on the following image to get more.

  • BFA (Pass) Degree Part- 1 Exam Routine- 2020
  • BFA (Pass) Degree Part- 2 Exam Routine- 2020
  • BFA (Pass) Degree Part- 3 Exam Routine- 2020

BAF degree pass (pri) Exam Routine

BFA Exam Routine PDF File

If you need to get the pdf file of the BFA (Pass) Exam Routine, then this article will help you very much. Look at the link below, click on it, and get the pdf file.

Download PDF File

NU BFA (Pre) Degree Exam Routine 2023

BFA (Pre) Degree-2021 exam routine has already been published on 30/04/2023 on the National University site. Maybe you are an examinee of this course, and so you are here to get the exam routine. If yes, focus on the following image and get all the information you need.

NU BAF (Pre) Degree Exam Routine 2023

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