MBA In THM Exam Result

MBA In THM Exam Result 2023 | Tourism and Hospitality Management Exam Result

MBA in THM exam result 2023 or Tourism and Hospitality Management exam result is available here. Also, from this article, you will be able to know about the Tourism and Hospitality Management syllabus. Tourism and Hospitality Management is a one-year course. Recently, the National University of Bangladesh published the THM exam result 2023. I hope you are a student of the THM course and so you are here to get the THM exam result. If I am right, keep reading the article and get your result.

MBA In THM Exam Result 2023

Here is the detailed process of getting the THM exam result 2023. You will get the  THM exam result for all semesters and any year from the following process. So follow the steps given below and do as it is mentioned.

THM 4th year 8th-semester exam result has been out. Here is the process by which you will get the result.

THM 4th Year 7th Semester



  • To go to the result page, visit
  • Then click on the “+” sign beside the Professional option.
  • Then click on the THM option.
  • A table will appear; select your Exam, and provide Registration No and Exam Year.
  • Finally, click on the Search Result.

MBA In THM Exam Result 2022

MBA in THM Program Syllabus

THM program syllabus or Tourism and Hospitality Management program syllabus are essential for you if you want to study the subject. Before getting admitted to the course, you have to look through the THM syllabus. I have accumulated the overall syllabus here and decorated them in the table below for your convenience.

Semester  Course Code  Course Title Credits
1st Semester  614101 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Tourism & Hospitality Management 3
614103 Cultural Heritage in Bangladesh 3
614105 Sustainable Tourism Development 3
614107 Resort Management 3
614109 Global Issues in Tourism and Hospitality Management 3
2nd Semester 614111 Archaeological tourism 3
614113 Tourism Trends in Asia & Regional Development 3
614115 Tour Management and Tour Guiding 3
614117 Project Management 3
614119 Leisure and Recreation Management 3
614120 Thesis 3
614122 Viva 3

That’s all I have for you. I hope you are pleased to get your exam result and also pleased to get the THM syllabus. I think all this will be helpful for you to pursue your studies in the THM program properly.

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