Kamil 1st Year Exam Routine 2022 (Revised) has finally been announced by the Islami Arabic University. The recent notice has been published on 18/05/2022. At last, the waiting day comes to the conclusion. If you are an examinee then this article is only for you.

So we brought out the routine of Kamil 1st year exam-2020 for you today. This routine has been collected from an official source. So there is no chance of being a fraud routine. We have the Kamil 1st year exam routine 2022 as an Image version and PDF(Portable Document Format) version.

Kamil 1st Year Exam Postponed Notice 2022

Islamic Arabic University has taken initiative to postpone the Kamil 1st & 2nd-year exam. IAU published the exam routine on 18/05/2022. Mainly the exams of 11/05/2022 and 12/05/2022 are temporarily postponed. Here is the image for you. Take a good look at the picture and you will be clarified yourself.

Kamil 1st Year Exam Routine 2022

This routine is officially uploaded by Islamic Arabic University Bangladesh. The Kamil 1st year exam routine 2022 has been published. Read about the Kamil 1st year routine 2022 which will start on 11/05/2022 and the exam will continue up to 23/05/2022.

Kamil 1st Year & 2nd Year Exam Routine 2022

This Kamil 1st year routine is verified and signed by the Sub Examination controller of Islami Arabic  University, Dhaka. If you wanna know more about the Kamil 1st year exam routine, you can directly mail at [email protected]. Or you can leave a comment below in the following and let us know.

Kamil 1st Year Subject & Subject Code

There are 16 different subjects for Kamil 1st year students. Every subject has a unique code. Hadith (Sunan Abu Dawud and Mustalahul Hadis) – 1st Paper code is 501 and the other subjects’ code is given in the table below:

Subject Code
Hadith – 1st Paper 501
Tafsir – 1st Paper 511
Fiqh – 1st Paper 521
Adob – 1st Paper 531
Hadith – 2nd Paper 502
Tafsir  – 2nd Paper 512
Fiqh – 2nd Paper 522
Adob – 2nd Paper 532
Hadith – 3rd Paper 503
Tafsir – 3rd Paper 513
Fiqh – 3rd Paper 523
Adob – 3rd Paper 533
Hadith – 4th Paper 504
Tafsir – 4th Paper 514
Fiqh – 4th Paper 524
Adob 4th Paper 534

Kamil 1st Year Exam Routine 2021-22 PDF

We don’t make any PDF or Image exam routines, we just collect it from a verified source and put it into our server storage. And then we provide the authentic routine for you. The authentic Kamil 1st year exam routine 2019-20 PDF is not published yet.

Download Kamil 1st Year Exam Routine PDF

Kamil 2nd Year Exam Routine 2020-21

Important Notice For Kamil 1st Year Routine 2022

Don’t worry about the routine. The routine of the Kamil 1st year exam is not published yet. But we will not delay after getting the authentic one. Please stay tuned and keep in contact with your institute and friends. We wish you all the best for your future and the best results. Have a great exam.