NU Honors 3rd Year Form Fill Up Notice

NU Honors 3rd Year Form Fill Up Notice 2023 (Latest)

I hope you are a student of NU honors 3rd year, and so you are here to get information about the recently published honors 3rd year form fill up notice by the NU authority. If I am right, then you are at the right place. This article will share detailed information about the honors 3rd-year form fill-up notice.

This is a notice from the last years NU honors 3rd year form fil up, since there haven’t been any updates on NU official sites, as soon as information gets updated, I will surely update here with great details, so be sure to follow our article to get 2023 latest updates on Honors 3rd year form fill up.

After a long time, NU has published the honors 3rd-year form fill up a notice to take a test of the students of NU 3rd year. For the pandemic, the NU Honors 3rd year exam was postponed to take the exam, and that’s why the Nu authority didn’t publish any notice for the honors 3rd-year form fill up.

On 07/09/2021, NU has published a notice to fill up their form for the honors 3rd-year students for the upcoming 3rd-year final examination. It is called to complete all activities related to filling out the forms for Honors third-year students Under the National University online.

NU 3rd Year Form Fill Up Notice 2023

This is last years information, as soon as there is any updates on NU official site, this will get updated, be sure to visit here from time to time to get the latest updates.

There is good news for the students of honors 3rd-year students here. After a long time. NU has revealed a circular related to the form fil up of honors 3rd-year students. Once the circular is published on the NU website, I have uploaded it to the site without any delay to get all the information as soon as possible.

I have explained the whole circular to you to make out everything about the notices. Here I have attested images of the notice below. You also get the PDF file of the circular. To collect the application form, visit the NU website or and print the copy from the site.

After providing all the information, please submit it to your respective department with the fixed fees. You have to attest a passport size image with gum at a certain place and submit one copy image to the department with the application form.

Key information (Latest)

Issues Date
Application Start 03/03/2022
Application Deadline (Revised) 03/03/2022
Deadline for Data Entry 03/03/2022
Fee submission Through Sonali Sheba date start 03/02/2022
Last date of submitting Fee Description & other papers 06/03/2022

NU 3rd Year Form Fill Up Notice PDF File 2023

Since there are no updates for now, this is also last years information, be sure to follow here so you can get the updated information as soon as it is out. If you want to download the PDF file of the circular, then here is the link below. Just click on it and download the PDF file of NU 3rd year form fill up notice 2022.

NU Honors 3rd year Form Fill Up Notice PDF 2023

Honors 3rd Year Form Fill Up Extended Notice

Honors the National University has already extended the 3rd Year Form Fill-Up date. National University published this notice on their website on 03/03/2022, and from there, I have uploaded it in this article for you.

The previous circular is mentioned above. By the way, in this circular, the exam form-up date has been extended. Here is the circular where you will get all your answers. For more information, visit National University.

Honors 3rd Year Form Fill Up Extended Notice

That’s all I have for you. Read the article from top to bottom and note down all the information you need. If you face any problems understanding any part, let me know via a comment. Finally, take the good preparation for a good result. I wish you success.

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