BCS New Written Syllabus

BCS New Written Syllabus 2023

BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) is a national competitive exam run by the BPSC (Bangladesh Public Service Commission). The first public service commission was formed in 1928 in the Indian subcontinent. After the partition of the Indian Subcontinent, Pakistan also followed the system.

Finally, the Govt. has introduced this exam in Bangladesh to select the most skilled persons around the country and appoint them in the administrative activities after its independence in 1971.

Most of the members of the Government except the M.P. nominated by the people of Bangladesh have been appointed through the BCS exam from that time. A five-article chapter of the Constitution of Bangladesh (Part II, Part II) outlines the structure and functions of the Commission.

BPSC has changed the BCS syllabus and categories many times. Presently on 23/08/2021, the present authority has curtailed some topics in the BCS Written syllabus. Once the notices appeared on the website of BPSC, I have uploaded them to the site. Here I have arranged the whole amended written syllabus with the PDF file.

BCS New Written Syllabus 2022

The Bangladesh Public Service Commission is a constitutional body established primarily to employ various government jobs and positions. And so it is the most demandable exam that is accomplished through three steps Preliminary, Written, and Viva.

The rules and syllabus are published, preserved, and amended by the BPSC. But on 23/08/2021, BPSC has come into some changes in the BCS Written syllabus that will be followed the afterward BCS examination. You will get the whole notice in the form of images published by the BPSC.

It is a syllabus of 210 Pages. As it is a great amendment, I didn’t add all the pages here, but you will get the PDF file of the updated written syllabus. So read the whole article and download the updated Written syllabus from the article.


BCS-Written-Exam-Update-Syllabus-2021-page-006 BCS-Written-Exam-Update-Syllabus-2021-page-006

Download BCS Update Written Syllabus PDF File

As it is impossible to upload the whole syllabus of 210 pages in a single article,  I have added here the PDF link of the syllabus below so that you can get the whole updated syllabus by downloading it.

BCS Written Exam Update Syllabus PDF 2022

That’s all I have for you. I hope this article will help you in your golden success. Come to the site again to get information on any BCS exam, result, or circular. We are here providing all the study and job-related information.

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