alim exam routine 2020

Alim Exam Routine 2023

Alim Exam is for 12th-grade Bangladeshi madrasah students. Alim exam carries equal value as HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate). Madrasah students in Bangladesh attend 4 different board exams before the Fazil exam. The 5th grade (Class 5) Madrasah students attend in Ebtedaye exam which is equal to the PSC (Primary School Certificate) exam. Then they attend in JDC exam which is equal to JSC (Junior School Certificate). Then After Dakhil, which is equal to SSC (Secondary School Certificate), they attend in Alim Exam. This is the ending of Madrasah’s college life. Alim exam is as significant as the HSC exam in Bangladesh. Your GPA (Grading Point Average) of the Alim Exam will affect your future life for sure. That’s why we got the Alim Exam routine 2020 today for your comfort. You will find the routine as a table and an Image file and PDF format. There will be also the Subjects of Alim exam with Subject code.

Alim Exam Routine 2023 Image

The Alim Exam routine of 2023 is published in June 2023. Alim Exam Routine 2023


This is the Official Alim Exam routine which is published by Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board, Dhaka. This routine is verified and signed by the Exam controller of Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. To know more about the Alim exam routine 2023, you can email at [email protected]. For any of the latest updates of Alim exam routine 2023, you can directly call at Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board at 58610202.

Alim Exam Routine PDF

There is also the PDF available for Alim Exam 2023. We are providing the official Alim exam routine PDF (Portable Document Format) from our own web store. So you can easily download it and print it out for your comfort. You can click to the below link to download the PDF of Alim Exam 2023.

Download Alim Exam Routine

By clicking on the link, you will get a new window, where you’ll be able to find the direct download button in the upside right of the window. You can directly print it out from the link window. You can also rotate the routine.

Alim Subject With Code

Subject Code
Quran Mazid 201
Hadis and Usulul Hadis 202
Arabic – 1st Part (Sadharon Bivag) 205
Arabic Sahitto (Biggan and Muzabbid Mahir Bivag) 223
Arabic – 2nd Part 206
Al Fiqh – 1st Part 203
Al Fiqh – 2nd Part 204
English – 1st Part 238
English – 2nd Part 239
ICT (Information Communication Technology) 240
Bangla – 1st Part 236
Bangla – 2nd Part 237
Balatak and Manotik (Sadharon Bivag) 210
Physics (Tottio) – 1st Part 224
Tazbid – 1st Part (Muzabbid Mahir Bivag) 232
Islamer Itihas 209
Physics (Tottio) – 2nd Part 225
Tazbid – 2nd Part (Muzabbid Mahir Bivag) 233
Chemistry – 1st Part (Tottio) 226
Economics (Orthoniti) – 1st Part 213
Pouro Niti and Shushason – 1st Part 241
Urdu – 1st Part 219
Farsi – 1st Part 221
Chemistry – 2nd Part 227
Economics (Orthoniti) – 2nd Part 214
Pouro Niti and Shushason – 2nd Part 242
Urdu – 2nd Part 220
Farsi – 2nd Part 222
Biology – 1st Part (Tottio) 230
Biology – 2nd Part (Tottio) 231
Higher Math – 1st Part 228
Higher Math – 2nd Part 229

Alim Exam Routine For All Madrasah

Dakhil Exam is for all Madrasah understudies in Bangladesh. As indicated by Wikipedia, there were 14,987 Ebtedayee, 6402 Dakhil, 1376 Alim and 1050 Fazil Madrasahs in Bangladesh. Furthermore, this routine possibly is for all the Madrasah understudies of tenth Grade. On the off chance that you are a Madrasah understudy and contemplating in class 10, at that point this routine is for you. Be completely certain about your organization. It will be more secure.

Important Notice For Alim Student 2023

  • You have to attend the Dakhil exam before 30 mins of the exam starting time.
  • First, you have to write MCQ and then CQ (Tottio)
  • You can carry a General Scientific Calculator, and an analog watch.
  • No one can carry a mobile device except the Kendro Sochib.
  • The Practical exam will be held in your institute.

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