45th BCS Online Application & Paying Fees Process

45th BCS Online Application & Paying Fees Process Made Easy

BCS is a very desirable exam for all the graduation completed students. About every year, BPSC published a BCS circular. In that continuity, Recently, the 45th BCS circular has been published by BPSC. It would help if you were informed that it is a special exam only for the health sector. So only the MBBS completed students can apply for the 45th BCS.

So it is a matter of great joy that many medical students (MBBS) will have the chance to prove their qualifications. To sit in the exam, all the students have to fill up an application form that is very important to the exam.

So in this article, I will share with all my visitors how to fill up the application form and how to pay the fees. So, to get all the processing to fill up the form and pay fees, keep reading the following information carefully.

45th BCS Some Important Instructions

This article will share some common instructions that you need to read and understand clearly before filling up your application form. If you read the following information carefully, then you will be able to fill up all your application forms by yourself and also be able to pay the fees without any help from anybody.

At first, you should know some instructions before filling up your application form. The instructions are given below via an image from BPSC. So let’s get started. Here is a link of the Full PDF of the 45th BCS Circular

45th BCS Some Important Instructions


What Do You Do If Your Admit Card lost Or Stealing

If your admit card is lost or stealing, or becomes damaged, don’t be frustrated. Just follow the following instruction, then you will get your admit card again. All the processes are given below.

stealing admit card

45th BCS Fee Submit process

Here You will get the whole information on the fees submitting process. How do you submit your fee, and what will you do & what is the entire process of submitting fees are available here. So if you want to have information in detail about the 45th BCS fee submit process, keep reading the following image patiently.

BCS Fee Notice


45th BCS Online Application Process

Here I have tried to make you understand to fill up your application process sequentially so that you will be able to complete your application correctly and properly. If you notice below, you will find that all the application fill-up processes are arranged here serially & systematically to help all of my special visitors complete their application form easily.

Do not waste time; read the following image carefully and patiently and fill up your application form yourself.

45th BCS instructions-04


42 BCS instructions-page-00742 BCS instructions-page-00842 BCS instructions-page-00942 BCS instructions-page-01042 BCS instructions-page-011

Lost Password

If you have lost your password, don’t get stress and anxious. Just type BCS<>HELP<>SSC Board<>SSC Roll<>SSC Year and send it to 16222.

That’s all about the 45th BCS (Special) exam. I hope you have got the information in detail related to the application form fill up. If you need any information on any topic, then inform us or visit our other pages.

You can also inform your feelings of us by leaving a comment below in a box. Stay with us for more updates. Thanks for visiting our website.And, remember here we publish all the notices, and circulars of the universities of Bangladesh, including all Govt. and Non-govt job circulars at https://studybd.net/ 

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